Coaching Staff


The strength behind the Rhoden Soccer Academy is the knowledge, expertise, and ability of the academy staff. All our programs will be conducted by directed by Middle Tennessee State University Head Women's Soccer Coach, Aston Rhoden and the rest of the MTSU soccer coaching staff. Current and former members of the MTSU soccer team will also be on hand to assist the staff. Please click on the pictures below to see each staff member's bio.

Head Coach
Associate Head Coach
Assistant Coach

  A Message From The Director...
  Greetings to all soccer players, coaches, team administrators and MTSU soccer fans.
  I would like to thank you for giving Rhoden Soccer Academy the opportunity to make you a better player, team, or coach. I am always excited to share my philosophy, passion, and knowledge of soccer with anyone who wants to learn, excel, or simply exchange ideas about the world's greatest sport!
  Becoming a great soccer player or coach is based on your work ethic, commitment, passion, and vision. Rhoden Soccer Academy creates an environment that allows you to excel as a player, coach  or team. Our training programs and camps serves to supplement the knowledge and training you currently have. Through innovative training methods and instruction from our expert staff, we will develop and inspire the young player and coach to reach the next level in the game.
  Our mission is to provide youth soccer players, teams, and coaches with the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge of the game through quality instruction and personal attention. The same focus and attention to detail that makes the Middle Tennessee State University women's soccer program successful will again be found in all of our training and coaching programs.
  I hope you will join us for a camp, academy session, or coach's clinic this season. I am confident we will aid in your development as a player, team, or coach.
  ~ Aston Rhoden