Team Frequently Asked Questions


 What is required in regards to physicals and camp insurance?

No camper will be allowed to participate without completing the on-line medical waiver when you register OR completing a Health Form on the first day of camp. Your personal insurance will be used as the primary coverage.

 What should I bring to all Residential (Overnight) camps?

1. Sheets for a twin bed, blanket, and a pillow
2. Alarm clock
3. Soccer ball. Balls may be purchased at camp
4. Indoor Soccer or tennis shoes
5. Soccer shorts, shirts, and soccer socks for 4 days of training
6. Shin-guards
7. Toiletries
8. Spending money (for pizza, snacks, and souvenirs)

 What is the roommate/key deposit policy?

A key deposit of $60 (CHECK) made payable to MTSU will be collected at check-in and returned to you at check-out after we receive your key. We can assign roommates, but only if both roommates request each other. Specific room assignments requested by your coach will be honored over individual requests.

 How do I register with my team?

You will need to get the team name and team password from your coach. This will be necessary when you register as a player for the team camp. Online registration is at

 Can I attend camp even if my team is not at camp?

Yes. We will accommodate at least 20 such persons but you will need to contact the office at 615-898-5316 for an assigned team name and password. Online registration is at

 What type of supervision do you provide?

Professional, and responsible staff members supervise all camp activities, on and off the field, 24 hours a day. The camp counselors stays in the dorms with the campers, and the dorms are monitored 24 hours a day by an onsite resident assistant. Additional campus security patrols the area 24 hours a day.

 What type of campers typically attends camp?

The level of our teams varies from young teams to state champions. Our team camps are designed only for serious, dedicated youth players with the desire to improve. Teams will train together, and will play multiple games daily.

 What do campers do in their free time?

There is very little free time. We are on the field at least 3 times during the day and have teambuilding activities planned each night after the evening matches.

 Will attendance at your camp ensure that the camper receives a soccer scholarship?

Nobody at camp can promise you a scholarship. At each of our elite or overnight camps, each player will leave camp understanding how the college recruiting process works, what college coaches are looking for in a player, and how to better present themselves as a college prospect in terms of the timetable of recruiting and their credentials, within the framework of NCAA rules. Players will be working with coaches and players from different colleges during the week and will have a chance learn about college soccer as well as showcase their talents.

 How much spending money should I bring to camp?

A moderate amount is appropriate. Enough to purchase drinks and or snacks between meals and to purchase any desired MTSU Soccer souvenirs. There is an opportunity to purchase pizza after evening matches.

 How is camp structured? Can I watch camp activities?

Parents are more than welcome to attend camp and watch their child participate. Overnight and Day Camp is structured with instruction and drills in the morning hours with games close to the end of camp.

 What must I do if my child is leaving a day early from camp?

Send a written note with your child to registration regarding their early departure. Please indicate the time they need to be picked up, names of who will be picking them up, and when/if they will be returning to camp. We will not allow campers to leave the facility without us directly seeing them get into your vehicle or walking out with the indicated person. Refunds will not be issued for missed days.

 Can my child still attend camp if he or she has a medical condition?

As long as your physician has examined your child and feels it is appropriate, your child is free attend. Please have your doctor provide a written note clearing them for intense physical activity. However, Rhoden Soccer Academy reserves the right to refuse some campers with pre-existing medical conditions if we feel their health is at risk.

 Is there an Athletic Trainer on staff?

Yes, a full-time trainer will be on staff at all times at each site. Please provide written instructions to our trainer of any medical condition you child may have while at camp.

 Is there a dismissal policy?

Dismissal Policy: There will be no refund for any camper dismissed from camp. Grounds for dismissal include but are not limited to: vandalism, use of alcohol, drugs or tobacco products, inappropriate language, harassment and not following verbal instructions/rules given.