What they are saying...Poem From Jess S.

"This week I had fun / Except for the heat and the hot summer sun / Thanks for being such a blast / This week has flown by so fast / I learned lots about soccer this week / I learned moves, spacing and great techniques / I really loved the Girls Camp this year / And next summer, I’ll c ya back there "

What they are saying...Caroline P.

"Coach Rhoden, I wish I could snap my fingers at be back at the Girls Camp whenever I want to. I can clap my hands and make the lights come on, but that's probably not real helpful."

What they are saying...Kim G.

"I wanted to let you know my son Troy (10 years old) attended your Boys Camp last week and ENJOYED IT SO MUCH! He has been to several local camps in the past years and Troy commented MTSU camp was his favorite overall. He learned so much and could not wait to go every day. We thank you and the other instructors for teaching your passion of soccer and the making the experience enjoyable...We will definitely be back next year. Thank you."

What they are saying...Naveen S.

"This was the second First Touch Camp for my daughter and she enjoyed it. Your camp staff does a great job with the kids and we'll see you in the next camp."

What they are saying...Coach Pete

"The First Touch Camp was a good camp for intermediate players and recreational players involved. We are adding these camps to our list for next year. All of play players learned something from the experience of being in the camps. As a coach, I was able to pick up some ideas as well. So we all got some benefit from each session."

What they are saying...Carol G.

"My daughter thoroughly enjoyed the Scoring and Keeper camp and learned quite a bit that she will carry with her. As I watched from the bleachers, I noticed the camp was very well organized and that I was pleased with the instruction she received both in a group and individually. On a scale of 1-10, she gave it a 9. She’ll be back next year."

What they are saying...Lori R.

"I just wanted to let you know that my daughter, who will be playing for Coach White had the best time last week at your Girls High School Team Camp! I am so glad she was able to go. She learned so much and has been so excited about the new season! Thanks for a great week."

What they are saying...Coach Proffitt

"Thank you again for such a great Girls High School Team Camp. We are, as a team, much further along than last year with regard to tactics. Movement and communication has improved at least three fold. Chemistry has improved ten fold. Thanks again for the foundation."

What they are saying...Hannah W.

"Coach sorry it took me so long to do this, but I wanted to thank you for putting on a great camp for our high school team! We really had a lot of fun and learned while doing it! Hopefully that experience will put us closer to another state championship!! Once again thanks and good luck this season!"

What they are saying...Coach O'Kelly

"We attended your girls' camp last summer and really enjoyed it. My team learned a lot and were able to apply it during the season to helps us earn regular season co-champion in our conference and 2nd place in the conference tournament."

What they are saying...Kim M.

"I have been so pleased with your camp this week. This is Meghan's first soccer camp, but we sent her older brother to similar camps in other places we have lived. I'm so impressed to see your direct involvement and to see coaches I trust. The women's team has been wonderful, and Meghan has been excited about the new things she has learned. Thanks so much for making this a beneficial experience for our daughter."

What they are saying...Pamela Y.

"We are writing to thank you and your staff for a rewarding soccer camp experience for our daughter who attended the Girls Only Camp. You were able to show her techniques and moves that she has long wanted to do. Your format and focus on techniques, strategies and moves were exactly what we were looking for this summer. Emily needed to perfect her skills and not just play around on the field chasing a ball. Now she is more anxious than ever to play for MSC this fall, and with her school team in the spring, so she can try some of her “moves.” Also, she seems to have greater confidence in her ability and is less intimidated. We look forward to participating in your camp again next summer. Thank you for providing this opportunity for young soccer players. We appreciate your effort and your dedication to the sport. By the way, the soccer match between the staff and the kids was fabulous! You guys make it look so easy."